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FocalPoint Server (FPS) specialise in file and project management and providing technical consultancy of a high standard in a variety of technologies. FPS pride themselves on providing users with individually catered solutions, taking the time to develop an understanding of their business, then using FPS expertise to find the perfect solution.

FPS is a gateway or interface whereby you launch your application and FPS tracks the project from ingest to archive. The project is the ‘brain’ that links all the media, audio, and graphics together. FPS believe they are the first Workflow Asset Management (WAM), tracking dynamic components of the workflow that enhances collaboration between users.

Simplicity is their mantra, so by imposing rules in the background FPS can guide the user and manage the workflow by simple filtering and search technics. Users can find any project within three clicks. Importantly, the files come to the user so no more searching on the network.

Effectively FPS operates a ‘traffic light’ system in the background that allows seamless collaboration between users. As users grow so does the importance of FPS.

FocalPoint Server was proposed and designed for BBC Sport in 2012 to address the following issues brought to a head by the Olympic games.

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